Udo Schindler & Wilbert deJoode Cover participatiopn&interplay

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Udo Schindler & Wilbert de Joode

Participation & Interplay [LowToneStudies]


Udo Schindler         bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, f-tuba & tubax
Wilbert de Joode    double bass

    1. LTS_P&I.1          7:54
    2. LTS_P&I.2          4:39
    3. LTS_P&I.3          4:50
    4. LTS_P&I.4          9:34
    5. LTS_P&I.5          3:29
    6. LTS_P&I.6          2:48
    7. LTS_P&I.7        15:17
    8. LTS_P&I.8          7:21
    9. LTS_P&I.9          4:04
    10. LTS_P&I.10      4:39

      Live recordings by Udo Schindler – tracks #1-5 at DasLihotzky_wagnisART in Munich at February 27th, 2020 and tracks #6-10 at the 99th Salon für Klang+Kunst in Krailling/Munich at February 28nd, 2020

      mix & master by Wolfgang Obrecht/Tonstudio RichArt, Munich

      both concerts took place as part of the concert series ‚LowToneStudies‘.

      music by Udo Schindler (GEMA), Wilbert de Joode (Buma/Stemra)

      cover photo (motif: wagnisART/Munich) & sketches by Udo Schindler

      inside photos by KP Mendler

      graphic design by Udo Schindler

      produced by Udo Schindler

      executive production by …

      thanks for support to Wolfgang Obrecht, the Schauer Family, Michael Kurz, Benedikt Eppelsheim, Robert Tucci, Max Frei, Dirk Brauner, KP Mendler, Karina Erhard, Manuela Müller 

      Udo Schindler plays a Eb-tubax designed and build by Benedikt Eppelsheim (www.eppelsheim.com) with a Max Geller mouthpeace (www.geller-ebonit.com) and uses a bass clarinet neck designed by Martin Suter / Blashaus Luzern (www.blashaus.ch).

      Video by Michael Kurz (& Udo Schindler) of the DasLihotzky_wagnisART performance on february 27th, 2020


      The exterior of the cover depicts wagnisART in Munich.

      The DasLihotzky venue is part of the common usable space of the multi-award-winning, participatory, cooperative housing project wagnisART, which was planned and created in the architects collective with Udo Schindler, Walter Hable† and bogevischs büro