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Sharp-Schindler-Blonk Files

S.chindler R.olin L. ainé



Udo Schindler (DE)       cornet, soprano & baritone saxophones 
Etienne Rolin (USA)     basset horn, glissotar
Luc Lainé (FR)               vibraphone

  1. open triangle                 16:17
  2. airial exchange              03:06
  3. specific metallic.           02:41
  4. metal overtones            03:26
  5. in search of surprise     08:30
  6. very muted bari             06:58
  7. quasi fugato.                   08:07

live recording February 17th, 2021 by Udo Schindler (arch-musik) at Villa Waldberta in Feldafing-Munich / Germany

mixed & mastered by Wolfgang Obrecht/Tonstudio RichArt, Munich 

all compositions by Udo Schindler (GEMA); Etienne Rolin & Luc Lainé ( SACEM)

the cover image is a painting by Etienne Rolin “Terre bruleé”

inside photos by Anne Buscher (Schindler & Rolin)

graphic design by Schindler-Rolin-FMR

produced by Udo Schindler & Etienne Rolin

executive production by …

thanks for support to Wolfgang Obrecht (Tonstudio RichArt), Gabi Sabo, the villa staff & the scholarship holders & friends in the villa: Silke Eberhard, Nikolaus Neuser, Viola Yip, Nicola Hein; 

The international Trio S.R.L. has an interesting background as it emerged through an artistic residency in the Villa Waldberta (Feldafing/Munich) during the restricted Covid period from november 2020 to february 2021. The french american composer Etienne Rolin was introduced to multi instrumentalist Udo Schindler thanks to the cultural manager Gabi Sabo. Immediately from the first meeting there was a mutual understanding and confidence in the nature of the collaboration which covered 14 encounters and close to a dozen hours of recordings over a three month period.

The duo mode was in a coherent and compfortable state when Rolin suggested to Schindler to incorporate the french composer vibraphonist Luc Lainé into the sonic research team.

What emerged from our session was a unique blend of esthetic textures that covered a wide spectrum form jazz echoes to contemporary research. The attentive ear will navigate into the deep waters of dense micro-polyphony with enharmonic extensions leading to formants of sonic saturation.

The extended techniques from the wind and brass instuments are deftly answered by the metallic harmonic and rythmic impulses of the vibraphone.

It is important to note that the trio S.R.L. is made up of three composer-improvisors who inhabit a common ground a vanishing point where composition and improvisation meet.

The fresh and surprising elements of free exchange are counterbalanced by a sense of formal development as the music evolves from discreet counterpoint to massive quasi orchestral textures.

A special mention is necessary concerning the Glissotar. Invented in Budapest by Dani Vaczi, the Glissotar is a modern version of the hungarian tarogato. It is presented in a wooden conical form that is split then covered by a magnetic strip allowing for extended glissandi and mico-intervals. One could imagine a fretlees soprano sax using violon fingering technique!

Etienne had just received the Glissotar 5 weeks prior to this present recording  and thanks Udo and Luc who embraced the challenge of engaging this interplay with an unknown instrument.

Etienne Rolin June 2021