Empty Pigeonhole is the first release taken from the concerts organized monthly since 2009 at my home under the title SALON für Klang + Kunst. Many distinguished musicians have appeared there and improvised with me. More recording documents from the SALON will follow on Unit Records, Pilgrims of Sound...
One instrumental priority of the series are the duets using the Pleyel piano, among others with Manon-Liu Winter, Katharina Klement, Masako Ohta, Katharina Weber, Izumi Ise, Alexa Montani, Hans Wolf, Hans Poppel.
It has been a special honor and a highlight for me to play with the composer and pianist Elisabeth Harnik from Austria. The encounter resulted in a highly inspired session of improvised music full of subtle nuances and strong dynamics.
Our concert meeting the following day at the SIGNALRAUM in Munich, quite different from the cooperation at the SALON, will be released soon on Pilgrims of Sound.
The recording of our ad hoc performance has been preserved unaltered, faithfully reproducing the sound of the spontaneous creation.
I hope we can convey the live listening experience to you.